​​His Musical background includes playing Drums, Writing, Performing, Producing, Rapping as well as (of course) Dee Jaying. His Father & Step Father were Musicians so Listening, Performing & Playing Music only came natural. The name “DJ REMIX” came as a result of what He was already doing while growing up in Los Angeles. He would always record his Idol Dr. Dre and other great West Coast Pioneer Dee Jays Mixing on L.A.’s Historic 1580am KDAY. With no Turntables available, Cassettes were it for everything. Extending songs and also creating his own Breaks from Old School Classics and whatever Music was around. Having been buying 12 Inches since age 7 years old, He also inherited Records from his Great Grandmother and others. He would read the Music Credits on albums even before understanding them not knowing that he was being Educated. One day he happen to pick up “My Philosophy” by Boogie Down Productions and the credits read “Remixed by Kenny Parker”. Since his original DJ name didn’t really express him, the word “Remixed” caught his attention. Crossing out the “E” but keeping everything else began “DJ REMIX D”.

No one really knew he was as a Dee Jay even though he was always at home practicing his craft but in High School all that began to change. People started to hear “DJ REMIX D” Rhyming at Lunch Time and see “DJ REMIX” Mixing at School Dances, Raves & House Party’s. He and a friend who shared the same talents decided to come together calling themselves K.M.A. They did Shows and other stuff but never made it big. Regardless they always Dee Jayed because that was actual Money made. As time passed on he began to Dee Jay more in and around the Greater Los Angeles area. 

He wanted more than to just be a Club DJ, he wanted a career in Radio. By doing a few DJ Battles he get more recognition. Also joining (l.a.'s historical) Impact Record Pool set him up having the exact same Versions of music played on Radio at the same time they were played. He studied how Mix Shows were sounding and produced then took notes on what equipment was used to slowly began accumulating it himself. 

Relocating from California to Arizona in 2002 allowed him to do something that was extremely hard to do in L.A. The first Station anywhere to have a Mix played by “DJ REMIX” (the infamous 1) was KAJM MEGA-99.3/104.3 in Phx early 2003. That year he slowly established himself through networking.  At the same time another DJ who also had recently relocated there (dj tyger) was doing the same thing and they hooked up. Meeting up at DJ Battles and create routines together made them awesome. They would do 4 Turntable Shows for everything including House Parties, Clubs, Fashion Shows and MIX CD’s. Eventually they found a way into POWER 92.3’s Friday Nite Flavas and were invited to do the Show later in the Year. 

The following year 2004 marked the Anniversary Death of Eazy E and DJ REMIX was invited back to do a Tribute Show. In time his networking got him in contact with an On Air Personality who happened to be on in Phoenix & Tucson opposite shifts everyday and so he began driving to Tucson on Fridays to Mix on KGMG MEGA-106.3/104.9. Still wanting more he Enrolled into The Academy of Radio & Broadcasting in Phoenix. While in school he again went back to Tucson to Interview for KOHT HOT-98 and became a Weekend Personality/Board Op courtesy of R DUB (his first official boss). It was a learning experience for things to come. He eventually made a decision to stop working in Tucson to finish School and in March of 2005 received a Certificate in Radio Broadcasting. 

During 2005 he was Dee Jaying a variety of things such as Saturday Nights in Down Town Phoenix at CLUB MATADOR with (at the time) Corina from Kid & Rubin Morning Show on 104.7 KISS FM. Also having a residency at Six Shooters Club and Dee Jaying for ADDA2UDE PROMOTIONS Events as well. 

2006 Introduced him to CLUB I-O, a few more private functions, Weddings and more. That year another opportunity to Mix live on POWER 92.3’s “Caliente Power Mix Weekends” came.

DJ REMIX brought New Years 2007 in on the Turntables at “STAUDEMIERS” in Down Town Phoenix and just hours later again live in the Mix on POWER 92.3. A couple of weeks later becoming the regular Saturday Night Club DJ for V.I.P. ENTERPRISES in Ahwatukke. During this year he still continued to Mix on POWER as it changed from 92.3 to 98.3. He also started doing Internet Station KRCK RADIO producing commercials and a lot of the Stations Imaging. In time he began to find his way through the Dysart School District of Arizona Dee Jaying.

In 2008 He brought New Years in Mixing at “THE LOFT” in Tempe and found another weekly residency in Gilbert at “WILD HARE”. During the Summer he Dee Jayed at “THE DOOR” in Scottsdale for PLATINUM 1 PROMOTIONS and later becoming the DJ for BBW CLUB FULLFILLED. He started Mixing on another internet station NEW JACK RADIO which later became CHILL-FM. He was Mix Show Coordinator and brought in his DJ Crew THE KORT BOYZ for Mixing duties who (at the time) had no exposure. His first specialty Show “THA MAD MIX” started airing weekly there as well. 

Courtesy of V.I.P. ENTERPRISES, DJ REMIX brought in New Years 2009 at “JILLYS” in Chandler. A few weeks later THE KORT BOYZ was on the new 92.7/99.3 THE BEAT station Sunday mornings with the Show “THE RESUME”. Not long after he started sending his Mix Shows to Vegas (power 88) and then inherited 2 more Mix Shows there. “THE SMOOTH GROOVES MIX” Saturday afternoons, “THA MAD MIX” Saturday Nights/Sunday Mornings and “THE MELLOW MOODS MIX” Monday Nights. But it didn’t stop there! The Station Manager needed an Old School specialty show for Tuesday Nights and began “DIGGIN IN THE CRATES/KORT BOYZ RADIO SHOW”. In mid December 2009 he relocated from Arizona to Las Vegas taking him much closer to station KCEP POWER 88.

In 2010 New Opportunities had THE INFAMOUS DJ REMIX doing Voice & Production work on Commercials and he was an On Air Personality. Mixing on Live Remotes such as CLASSIC THURSDAY & SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE from SOULZBURRY (formally), FREE FOR ALL FRIDAYS from THE HARD ROCK, CLUB TEQUILA and other Various Live Broadcast Remotes kept him busy. The Show "COUNTDOWN TO THE CLUB" with THE KORT BOYZ was on Saturday Nights which featured THE INFAMOUS DJ REMIX in "THE SATURDAY NIGHT WARM UP MIX". That Show would change Names to THE KORT BOYZ RADIO SHOW and time slots to Sundays 12-3am where he Co Hosted along with Fellow KORT BOYZ member DJ MARVEL. At this time also becoming the Official DJ for The NEVADA PLUS AMERICA PAGEANT. 

For 2011 ,He brought in the New Year being the First Mix Show DJ (on power 88) Broadcasting Live on Air from a Club which was an Extreme Personal Accomplishment. He was also asked to be the New Mix Show Coordinator and Eventually found Mix Show Residency Mon-Fri 6-8am on POWER 88 with THE MORNING MAYHEM SHOW.  

In 2012 the New Year was brought in Dee Jaying for BBW CLUB LAS VEGAS NYE Party. Still doing Various Live Club Broadcasts with POWER 88 such as CROWN inside The Rio Hotel & MIX LOUNGE inside (formally) The HOTEL. THE INFAMOUS DJ REMIX became the Southern Nevada Housing Authority's DJ for All Events and began Dee Jaying for various Schools in the Clark County School District of Nevada as well.

For 2013 New Years was Brought in Dee Jaying with POWER 88 and  becoming a Top Member of POWER 88's Remote Broadcast Team. THE MAD MIX returned Online in March to Various Internet Radio Station Across the Country. 

2014 created more Opportunities while still Dee Jaying various private & public events. He released Mix CD's, made guest appearances on Nationally Syndicated GREG MACK SHOW and launched THE BEDROOM MIX CD's with a New Wife/Manager.

2015 saw the Launching of THEINFAMOUSDJREMIX.COM, INFAMOUS RADIO STATION Online & THE BEDROOM MIX SHOW running Online & on 99.1 BDAY Radio in Jackson, Mississippi.

In Early 2016 The Infamous DJ Remix made a Guest Appearance on KVEG HOT 97.5. Not long after, returning to KCEP POWER 88.1 via THE MAD MIX SHOW Friday nights with Now New Host CHERRY OAKWOOD (his wife). Next Inheriting The MID DAY GROOVE with Rufus Harrison Friday Afternoons 1-3pm & then doing CLUB TEQUILA Live Remote Broadcast Friday Nights. He & his Wife Guest DJ'd & Hosted for GREG MACK SHOW LIVE Sundays at NE'CHE. The Black Policemen Association, Political Entities (election time), Welham Elementary, El Dorado High School, West Preparatory, Cheyenne High School, Classic Jewel Lounge and other various Community, Public & Private Events saw both Himself & His Wife's Talents together.

 In 2017 THE INFAMOUS DJ REMIX & his Wife/Manager Lisa James aka CHERRY OAKWOOD The Radio Hostess were Heavily Involved with Motivational Speaking and Domestic Violence Awareness Events, Radio Shows, Clubs, Community & Private Events. Accomplishing together as a Broadcasting Tag Team, Business Duo & Marriage. Unfortunately on September 9th 2017 She Passed away due to Complications of Heart Failure. Although a serious Life blow, Moving forward and Reinventing Himself is the Best way to Honor Her Memory. 

He is not just a DJ, Musician, Co Host or Producer, He is an Entertainer/Performer.

While Others simply play Songs, He actually Hears & Mixes Music. The love of Playing and Performing comes from a constant need of wanting people to feel good through Music.  He loves what he does and others do too... 

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